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Here we are going to learn how to access your TLS enabled FTP account through Core FTP and Filezilla

CoreFTP and Filezilla are the familiar one in the hosting industry which is used to connect your FTP account to upload/download your hosting files

To upload huge size of web contents FTP clients are very helpful,

because thee may be a chance of disturbance while uploading a huge files through file manager via browser

Some servers may accept Plain FTP connection which is not an secure one,

but most of the hosting servers will accept FTP connection only from TLS mode

1.Connecting FTP through Core FTP

Step 1 : Site manager

If you don’t have a Core FTP client, you can download it here

Once you download and installed on your PC, open the application and click the site-manager icon

Step 2 : Entering the details

In the site manager window we  need to enter our FTP configuration details

Enter your website name in the Site Name box and in the Host/IP/URL  you can use your domain name or your server IP address or your server name server

And then enter the FTP user name and its password in the specified box

And also make sure FTP port mentioned as 21, after that we need to update the connection type as AUTH TLS

Step 3 : Connection Establish

After entering the all details click Connect option to request a TLS based on connection in the server

If the logon credentials valid one connection will be established like below

Step 4 : Uploading files

Now you can simply drag the file/folder/compressed file to your server, also you can use the upload option to upload the file/folder

In the below window you can monitor the uploading progress

That’s all….!!! We done …!!!

B. Connecting FTP through FileZilla

We can access the FTP through FileZilla too, steps are so simple but slightly different when comparing Core FTP steps

If you don’t have a FileZilla you can download it here

Step 1 : Opening FileZilla FTP client

Once you downloaded and installed the FileZilla FTP client, open the application and click site-manager icon

Step 2: Entering FTP details in site-manager:

Now we need to enter our FTP configuration details

As mentioned earlier we can enter the domain name/IP address/Name Server in the Host box and then enter the FTP Port as 21

And then choose protocol as FTP – File Transfer Protocol and now we need to select Encryption type as Use Explicit FTP over TLS if available

And then choose the Logon type as Normal, After that enter your username and password in the specified boxes

Now we have completed the FTP configuration, complete the configuration by clicking the Connect button

Step 3 : Uploading files

If the FTP log-on credentials are correct it will establish the connection with server through secured TLS mode

Once the FTP connection established you can drag the files/folders directly to your account

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