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Webmail is an mail application which will helps you to check our mails in cPanel/WHM based hosting through browser

It will comes with some basic mail clients which are Horde and Squirrel mail

Both will have some unique features as its own, As both mail clients are different in the features and in looks wise also both are different

In this article I’m going to explain the mail signature configuration in both webmail clients (Horde and Squirrel Mail)

Configuring signature in Horde mail :

Step 1: Log on Webmail

Initially we need to log-on the webmail of our mail account, and then click Horde mail option

Step 2 : Opening mail settings :

Now click the ” GEAR ‘ icon in the top of the page and follow these options Preferences >> Mail


Step 3: Setting up signature:

Now you will be land in the Preferences for Mail  page, In this find the option Personal information under the General section

Step 4 : Setting up the signature

Finally we arrived at the page where we need update our signature

Enter the desired signature in the signature box and click save option under the page

Now its done, Here after while we click the compose message option in the mail box signature will be automatically added in the compose box

If you wish you can add a HTML signature and IMAGE in the signature box

Configuring signature in Squirrel mail :

Step 1 : Log on webmail using Squirrel mail

Log on your webmail using your mail address and password and in the mail cleint choosen page click squirrel mail

and it will lands to squirrel mail page

Step 2: Entering into settings page

Now you can see an option called Options in the top of webmail page, click that option

Once you click that option it will shows some mail client settings features

In that page click Personal Information option, In this option you can edit your personal details such as signature update, Your name , Your mail address, Time zone options and other signature options

Step 3 : Updating signature :

Once you click the personal information option you can find the Signature box

Enter your personal information in that box like your name, your position and any other details if you want to mention you can mention in the signature

Also make sure you have enabled this option which is Use Signature option under the same page

Now we all set, you can check your mail signature by clicking Compose option in the squirrel mail page

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