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Today I’m going to explain about the SEO process for the websites,

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which is an most important to improve our website ranking in search engines globally

Lot of SEO plugins are available for WordPress, Here I’m going to explain about the SEO configuration using Yoast SEO

Here you can download the Yoast SEO plugin

Important things needs to remembered :

  • For improved score we need to use own sentences / images / links
  • Copying contents from another websites / blogs will seriously affects the SEO score and Search Engine Page Ranking too
  • Updating a unique search words also improves the SEO score

Let see the how to improve our website SEO score

1.Permalinks :

First thing we need to concentrate on the permalink structure

By default permalink will be structured as ?p=<postname> , but it would be advisable permalink should as below


By configuring permalink as above will improves the SEO score.

2.Optimizing SEO for each Templates / Blog Posts :

Upon activating the Yoast SEO plugin you will get Yoast SEO support preview at the time posting a new blog post / Editing your existing blog post

By using this preview you can see the suggestions to improve the SEO score, By concentrating the suggestions listed in the Yoast SEO we can easily improves the score

Yoast SEO support preview will automatically takes the values from the blog post and then it will shows the suggestions

3. Optimizing images :

In SEO optimizing the images is an important factor.

Choosing an image with good quality also helps to image optimizations, and also note that using a copyright image will reduce the SEO score

So take own screenshots / create images using any picture tools and then use it on your blog

Also we need to consider about the image size too, IF the image size is too large it will affects the website loading speed which also affects the SEO score

4. Improving a Page Speed :

Page speed is an important factor and its depends upon how fast the web page / blog post will completely loads in a time

To reach this we need to reduce the weight-age of the page by optimizing the images / reducing the database calls

And another one is installing a cache plugin, I’m recommending a most poplar cache plugin which is an W3 Total Cache if you are a techie person,

If you are beginner then you can go-ahead with W3 Super cache

5. Adding an External Links :

Adding an external link will helps the readers to learn about the new things,

So adding a external link about your older blog posts will increase SEO score

Also it will helps to learn the new things to the readers which are all some thing new to them

And adding a external links will helps to skip the topics explanation if its being already explained in some other blog possts


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