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A full cPanel backup makes a copy of all of your files, email, databases, etc.

Once initiated, you must allow the backup time to perform.

The server can send you an email to an address(Optional) you specify once the backup is ready to download.

The steps for generating, downloading and restoring a full backup are explained in detail below.

Step 1:

To begin the backup process we need to logon our cPanel account

URL will be : http://yourdomainname/cpanel or http://yourserverip/cpanel


Step 2:

Once you logged in cPanel find the backup option under FILES section

Step 3:

Once you clicked the Backup option, it will land you to the Backup main page which contains lot of options related to Backup service

To download the full website backup we need to click the option called “Download a full website backup”

Step 4:

Upon clicking the previous option the page will ask you to put some information about the backup

To receive the backup process completion alert, you can enter your mail ID in the “Email address ” option

Make sure Backup destination choosen as “Home Directory”

Step 5:

Upon clicking the “Generate Backup” option, process will get started in the back-end and you will get the message as like below

Step 5:

Click¬† “Go Back” option and there you can see the current backup process status

Based on your disk usage, process completion time may vary


Once done by clicking the backup file, the file will be downloaded to your local PC


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