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What is DNS?

In this article I’m going to explain the basic information about the DNS records

To understand the things I’m just explaining some simple details about the DNS records and its uses

Below are the some familiar DNS records in the hosting industry

  • NS Record
  • A Record
  • MX Record
  • TXT Record
  • AAAA Record
  • SOA Record
  • SRV Record
  • SPF  Record
  • DKIM Record

Let take short review of above records

1.NS Record

NS Record also known as Name Server Record which will contains all DNS records

If we update the NS record (Name Server Records) for the domain name then domain will points to the DNS records based on the records updated for that Name Servers

Normally hosting providers will offers name servers to their client to update for their domain name

Because if they update that name servers then all DNS services will starts to point based on the records updated for the Name Server Records

NS Record format will be as below



2. A Record :

A record is an important one which is the record behinds in running of the website

A record is an IP address will comes with both  IPv4 or IPv6

A simple A record will looks like – Its an A record of http://www.google.com

3. MX Record

MX Record is an record which will runs mail services of the domain

Based on this record mail related functions will work, and most of the SPAM mails are identifies based on the mail server IP reputation

So its an important one to keep the mail server IP reputation becomes Good or Neutral, IF its fail we need to face an issue in send/receive mails

Globally lot of spam monitoring databases are watching the mails sending from the each server globally,

IF they found any SPAM activity in the mail serer, then they will add the mail server IP’s in the blacklist database which will seriously affects the mail services

MX Record will be looks like below

mail.domain.com – (Priority)

3.CNAME Record

CNAME Record also known as Canonical Name which is used for alias for another domain name

To refer the main domain name to any of your other services CNAME will be used

Ex. abc.domain.com

4.TXT Record

TXT Record is an text format of resource record in the DNS system

Normally it contains some human readable information about the network or server or data-center information

5 AAAA Record

AAAA record also same as A record, But in AAAA Record IPv6 will be used

Normally IPv4 will be used for easy to memory since it is an 32-bit Record, In other hand IPv6 is an 128-Bit record so its little bit hard to memory the Record

6.SOA Record :

SOA Record stand for The Start Of Authority

Its an Record which will stores information about the Zone and other Zone related records

SOA Record will contains in the each Zone

7.SRV Record

SRV Record can be defined as a symbolic name and transfer protocol  used as a part of the domain name

This record will defines the port, weight, target host and its priority

8.SPF Record

SPF Record stands for Sender Policy Framework Record

It is a record which will helps to identify the mail server which allows to send mails behalf of your domain

This record will use a simple mechanism to detect the email spoofing/spamming activities in the domain name

9. DKIM Record :

DKIM Record stands for Domain Key Identified Mail Record

This record will helps to validate the authentication of the mail,

Its contains private key which will send along with each mail while we send and the key will be unlocked by the receiving end using public key


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